Anderson Hills Swim and Tennis club welcomes private parties sponsored by members. The rules below have been adopted in order to ensure fairness to all members and to assist in the smooth management of the pool. The pool staff will make every attempt to comply with and enforce these rules so that all members may enjoy the facilities equally.

  1. Private parties must be scheduled in advance by an adult member of the Club. The pool manager keeps a master calendar in the office. Parties must be scheduled with a member of management. In the event of any conflict, the pool manager has final approval for scheduling.
  2. The member scheduling the party must also be present during the said party.
  3. When providing attendance numbers for party, members must give an accurate count of swimming guests, both member and non-member. Also, the party reservation should include an estimate of the party guests who will be on the pool deck, even if not swimming. While guest fees will only apply to those using the pool, staffing may need to be adjusted to accommodate the total number of guests inside the facility.
  4. Private party areas may not be reserved on the following holidays: Opening Day Celebration and Independence Day Party. On all other dates, pool functions (swim and dive meets, as well as pool social events) have priority over private parties. Private parties may not be scheduled on the nights of member late night swim socials. Private parties of over 60 may not reserve the pavilion on weekend evenings, and require board approval.
  5. Groups may reserve only one of the following areas (a) the grill/picnic area; or (b) the tented area adjacent to the diving well. The patio area adjacent to the snack bar may not be reserved.
  6. Private parties can be reserved in one of the following time slots: 1:00-4:00 PM or 5:00-8:oo PM including set up time.
  7. The number of parties that can be booked at one time is at the discretion of the pool manager, and may vary depending upon factors such as the day of the week and anticipated staffing. A “first-come-first serve policy” will be observed in the instance of any high demand reservation times. Out of fairness to all members, a party reservation which will not be used should be canceled as soon as possible.
  8. IMPORTANT: A party reservation for 10-20 people (members and nonmembers) will be required to pre-pay a $65 party booking fee. A party reservation of 21-40 people (members and non-members) will be required to pre-pay a $85 party booking fee. A party reservation of 41-60 people (members and non-members)will be required to pre-pay an $105 party booking fee. Parties of 61 or more must have board approval on availability and pricing. This fee is in addition to the regular guest fees associated with the party and will be collected at the time of party reservation. This fee is not refundable, and will be put toward the additional lifeguard and maintenance staffing necessary to maintain safety for all swimmers.
  9. Party guests are expected to comply with the rules of the Club, and the manager on duty may halt a party and/or eject individual participants at his or her discretion if the guest’s behavior is not compatible with the rules of the Club.
  10. Food may be brought into the facility for a party, but no glass containers of any kind are permitted. The party host is responsible for the clean up after the party, making sure that the pool grounds are left in the same condition after the party as they were before the party.
  11. The club does not permit under-aged consumption of alcohol. Member who hold private parties are expected to comply with that policy and ensure that their guests do as well.

Procedure for arranging a party:

  • Contact the Pool Manager to fill out a party Reservation Form. Only the Pool Manager can clear availability and staffing on the day and time requested.
  • For parties with 10-20 people (members and nonmembers) reserving 1/2 pavilion, please remit the $65.00 fee (check or cash) in advance. For parties of 21-40 people (members and nonmembers) reserving a full pavilion, please remit the $85.00 fee (check or cash) in advance. For parties of 41-60 (members and nonmenbers), please remit the full pavilion fee of $105.00 (check or cash) in advance. For parties of 61 or more (members and nonmembers), please remit a full pavilion fee TBD by board (check or cash) in advance. This fee is non-refundable.
  • All parties: On or before the day of the party, leave a guest list at the front desk. This will facilitate sign-in of party attendees and the payment of guest fees for those swimming.

Non-member party guest fees apply. Click here for more guest policy and pricing information.

Additional, non-refudable party fees:

10-20 People (1/2 Pavilion): $65.00
21-40 People (Full Pavilion): $85.00
41-60 People (Full Pavilion): $105.00
61+ People: Price and availability require board approval

Children age 2 or under of any guest shall be admitted without charge.