NEW GUEST POLICY: Beginning this 2019 Season, we will be enforcing a new policy when bringing guests to the club. A pass MUST be purchased AND presented, along with the accompaniment of the member bringing the guest. That means if the member is enjoying the club prior to the arrival of their guest(s), the front desk will call for the member to meet and escort their guest(s) into the club. We will be selling guest passes for purchase, $5 for one or $25 for 6. We will also have a family guest pass available for purchase $15 per family. Per our by laws a guest may only have use of the club 2 times per month, regardless of the member bringing them for the day. Thank you, in advance, for helping us with this new policy.

A member may request the Manager to issue a pass to a houseguest, good for one week and renewable for such additional periods of one week each, as the Manager may approve. The sponsoring member shall introduce such guests to the Manager when registering, after which such guests shall have the privileges of the members for the period specified on the pass. Fees for passes are detailed below.

Guests shall be required to register on a daily basis and must be accompanied by the sponsoring member during such guests use of the facilities. Guests may use the club facilities on only two occasions each calendar month, regardless of by whom sponsored.

Members are reminded that the membership list is now such that restraint is necessary upon the number of guests invited to use the Club facilities. Large organizations groups may be approved by a members or members with prior scheduling approval from the Manager.

Guests of children will be considered as guests of the adult member(s)of the family for all purposes. Guests under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or teen, who are members, or the families designated sitter.

Each member shall register each guest on a daily basis signing his/her name, together with the names of all guest sponsored by the member. Members who fail to register guests and pay the guest fees stipulated below, prior to use of the facilities, shall be subject to suspension of all privileges as a member. Additional information relative to violation are contained in club rules and regulations. Guest fees shall be handled on a cash basis.

No guests allowed on holidays, the Opening Day Celebration or the Kids Party

Large parties will not be scheduled during the first two weekends the pool is open.

Guest Fees per Day Additional Private Party Fees
Individual Guest Fee: $5.00 for 1 pass -or- $25.00 for 6 passes 10-20 People (1/2 Pavilion): $45.00
Family Guest Fee: $15.00 per day 21-40 People (Full Pavilion): $65.00
41-60 People (Full Pavilion): $85.00
61+ People: Price and availability require board approval

Children age 2 or under of any guest shall be admitted without charge.

All guests must present a guest liability waiver upon payment of fee.

Copy of AHSTC General Injury Liability Waiver.docx